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Stencil: Crown

DIN A5, 1 stencil + coating knife, tbag
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High-quality screen printing stencil made of fine, soft fabric (100% polyester), self-adhesive and reusable, including squeegee scraper and detailed instructions.

So you can create individual unique pieces out of simple objects and create imprints as if they were made by designers, with filigree, detailed motifs and a silk-screen printed effect.

Thanks to the special rubber coating, the stencil sticks to many surfaces and with the squeegee scraper, you can spread the paint easily and very precisely.

With the screen printing stencil and paint, you can decorate substrates such as fabric, wood, canvas frame, paper, concrete, terracotta and much more with great statements, individual texts and unique motifs.

It's as simple as that:
1. Place the stencil on a smooth surface and press on. The surface must be free of dust and grease. Fabrics should be pre-washed. If working with thin fabrics, place a protection mat between them. Apply the paint along the top of the motif with a wide line on the stencil.
2. Hold the stencil at the top with your hand and spread the paint down with the squeegee scraper at a 45° angle until the whole motif is covered with paint.
3. Immediately after stenciling, carefully remove the stencil flat to the side.

Afterwards, clean the stencil and the squeegee scraper with water. When working with fabric, the paint must be fixed after drying. We recommend working with the acrylic paint, e.g. fabric, Extreme Sheen, Chalky Finish paints of Rayher.

Additional tip: in order to achieve special highlights, you can sprinkle fine glitter onto the still wet paint.
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