Business enterprise

Business enterprise


Just create.
We mean it literally. With our wide and various choice of products, we want to supply you with an all-inclusive package for your creative working. Far more than 12 000 products contain trendy, standard and niche items that captivate both with innovation and quality – all from a single source!

Just create.
Your duty is to tinker, our to take care of the rest. With our sophisticated and trend-oriented assortments, our brochures, handicraft tips and online handicraft instructions, we want to enable the best possible basis for you, so that you can focus on your next DIY project with all your creative passion – this is of utmost importance to us!

Just create.
Today's children are our creative youth of tomorrow. We are aware of this responsibility, thus the sustainability is more that just a word for us. The same is applied to our local operating as well to the global handling of our products. That is why certifications and safety & health-related regulations are particularly important to us - to foster a creative future!

Just create.
Thanks to the limitless creativity, we have become what we are today. Thanks to that same limitless creativity, we can achieve what we display today. As a leading provider in the field of handicrafts and creativity, we are proud of our story and our innovative products. We have a long-lasting future to build together effectively – within our company and our environment.


About us

What began in 1961 as a two-man company, has developed in over 60 years one of the leading companies in the hobby & craft sector. A brief review pinpoints a corporate history that everyone likes to hear about: a young man who had a business idea and rolled up his sleeves to fulfill his dream of running his own company.

Wolfgang Rayher was 20 years old when he founded a company for fashion jewellery on 1st April 1961 in Marbach am Neckar. It was essentially about a jewellery out of wooden beads. The jewellery was produced in a cottage industry and offered on the regional market. After a short time, the change in the fashion taste required additional designs and materials. Wolfgang Rayher extended his range with jewelleries out of glass, plastics and metal. Since some parts of jewellery creations exhibited signs of wear over the years, it raised in 1967 the issue of the need for spare parts. Hence the idea emerged of offering single parts for self-made necklaces.

Over the years more products followed from the craft sector - the product ranges and the company grow. In the 80s, many European countries are already being supplied, dealer trainings are carried out, and in 1988 the first in-house exhibition of the sector takes place. In 1992, the sole proprietorship Wolfgang Rayher is converted into Rayher Hobby GmbH.

Thanks to continuous growth, the company’s registered office located in Laupheim since 1978 is continuously expanding. In 1997, it has been invested in a new high-bay warehouse with a storage capacity of 4.500 pallets. Only four years later, the company’s registered office was split up within Laupheim - a new logistics center with the latest technology was created. In 2002, the son Stephan Rayher joined the management. A year later, Rayher founded his own production and packaging workshop in Serbia.

To be closer to the needs of the creativity enthusiasts and to feel the pulse of the market, our company operates currently three franchise branches, five shop-in-shop concepts and seven own stores in Germany with our subsidiary Rayher Retail.


Anyone who thinks about crafting, thinks automatically of us.

With over 12 000 high-quality items in the area of handicrafts and do-it-yourself, we are among the leading companies in the hobby and craft sector. So, the DIY-fans find within our company an almost limitless range of products and product ideas for a creative designing, tinkering and handicrafts. Our comprehensive assortment extends from papers, stamps, paints, casting & modelling products through jewellery, products for children and accessories up to seasonal and event-related handicraft and decorative items.

Since we are active both as a wholesaler and a retailer, we can rely on different perspectives and thus interpret correctly the influences and the impulses on the market. For over 60 years, we are now successfully emerging latest trends and hobbies, and promote, with our innovative products and ideas, the creativity and the free artistic expression.

70 million products sold per year and the satisfaction of our customers, prove us right. With our subsidiaries, we currently employ 200 employees at home and abroad, and supply the specialist retailers and the end users with our products and ideas. Together we will continue to do everything to be on the pulse of time with our collections in order to handle the trendiest topics.

Always according to our motto:
Being creative makes us happy. Everything that's creative, we have the know-how!

Rayher. Just create.

A brief introduction to our company.


Sustainability is on one hand the most important concept in the present era. This concerns the conservation of environmental, economic and social standards. As a company with international suppliers, we are aware of our responsibility. For particularly sustainable business, our company was already honoured by the Environmental Award of Laupheim.

The sustainability means to us a wise leadership balanced by a hight product quality and a cost-effective production. The responsibility towards humankind and nature is a moral obligation for us. That is why we are committed to implement internationally recognized environmental and social standards/demands.

In addition, there is the local involvement. The catalogues are produced in a carbon-neutral manner and printed on paper from sustainable forestry and the kindergartens and hospitals regularly supported with product donations.

Several times a year, our employees of all departments are involved together as hobby-farmers. On this occasion, some vegetables are planted and harvested onto company’s ground. In addition to the environmental and economic aspect, the social framework of the company is also strengthened. Regional schools could also use this practice to inform their pupils on the topic “organic farming” and make them experience the harvesting. 

On 18.000 square meters of the proprietary surface grow colourful mix of flowers. They serve as a source of food and habitat for numerous insects and other animals – a small pond offers a home to amphibians. More than 210 000 bees from seven colonies collect nowadays diligently the nectar on behalf and by order of our company – and perform thereby their worthwhile role. After the harvest in September, the renewable raw material “flower meadow” serves as biogas supplier.

The alternative energy production does not stop yet. The photovoltaic system covers a significant part of the energy demand. At the same time, we are trying to use more efficiently the gained energy.

Besides, our company appears as a sponsor of regional sports clubs. We see the promotion of youth as our task - not only creatively!

All the while, we want to contribute towards future generations by leaving the world as a better place - environmentally, economically and socially.