Varnish your own world as you please.

With Rayher’s media & varnishes.

Media & varnishes

With our media, you can achieve in no time diverse effects. Whether opaque, glazed, pasty, textured, antique, crackled, patina aspect, with sand effect, dimensional, primed, painted in watercolours, shimmering as nacre, sparkling as gold leaf, glossy as varnish, weather-resistant, sealed or laminated - our exceptionally wide variety of media leaves no wish unfulfilled. Offer to your artwork a bit of gloss and glamour by means of different lacquers for the most complex substrates. Whether clear lacquer, matt lacquer, gloss lacquer, 3-D-effect lacquer, Triple Gloss, Fixative or Patio paint - you will find without doubt the matching lacquer for your object!