General questions

Is there any catalogue that I can order?

You cannot order our catalogue as a print version. It contains over 900 pages, thus we can only provide our dealers with this catalogue. We believe it is our duty, for the sake of the environment, to avoid all unnecessary printing of additional copies.

You can still view it online. Here you also have the possibility to browse it by chapter.

Find out more about our sustainability project under business enterprise.

Where can I view the current catalogue online?

You can find our current catalogue at the bottom edge of the menu "Rayher" by clicking on "Catalogue". Here, you can browse or download the catalogue in full, or you can opt for one or more individual chapters.

As an alternative, you can access here directly our catalogue.

Where can I find the craft ideas?

Our craft ideas can be found in the top left corner of the main menu under the section "Craft Ideas" subdivided into "Topics" and "Techniques". You can find everywhere the very same craft ideas, only the sorting is different.

In addition, you can find under the menu item “Craft Ideas” some of our latest and trendiest displayed craft ideas.

In the main menu, you will also find the section “Topics”. This one provides you with detailed information and suitable products on various topics.

How can I subscribe to the Newsletter?

On each page, under the dealer search engine, you have the possibility to sign up for our Newsletter. In addition, at the bottom edge of the menu "Service", you can click on "Newsletter" for further information about our Newsletter.

Right here you can access directly all information relating to the Newsletter.

How can I unsuscribe from the Newsletter?

At the bottom edge of the menu „Service“, you will find the section „Newsletter“. By a click of mouse, you arrive on a page where you can unsubscribe from the Newsletter.

Or just click here in order to access the corresponding page.

On which social networks can I find Rayher?

You can find us on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube and Twitter. We would be pleased if you decide to follow us on the above-mentioned social networks in order to facilitate interactions between us.

Can I also order online?

Currently, we distribute our products only to the addresses in Germany and Austria. For online shops that supply other countries, please contact our customer service

How do I find dealers & branch stores near me?

To facilitate as much as possible the search for a dealer near you, you will find on every page our dealer search facility. Here you can search for specialized dealers, main retailers or branch stores using your postcode (ZIP).