Dot Painting Stone

Craft Idea Dot Painting Stone

Dot Painting Stone




90 min
Instructions in 6 steps Painting stones – in a completely new, different, modern way.
Besides the articles listed below, you also need: Scales, mixing cup
And this is how it works:

Step 1

Mix 180 g of Raysin 200 according to instructions, mix it evenly and pour out the round stone in a casting mould. After about 1 hour, you can turn the mould upside down and remove the stone from the casting mould (demould). Allow the stone to dry thoroughly out for several days.

Step 2

Smooth the resulting stone edges with sandpaper.

Step 3

Undercoat the stone with the black All Purpose paint.

Step 4

Draw small dots with the silver Extreme Sheen paint on a circular area with a diameter of about 1 cm by means of the Dot Painting metallic stylus. Work with the next paint around the resulting silver circle. How you form your circles is up to you. The primed areas can remain as they are. Amazing effects are achieved thanks to many dots. You can make the dots round or oval, large and small. Feel free to be creative!

Step 5

Leave to dry well out afterwards.


In order to protect the stone, you can coat it with Chalky Finish Soft Touch Clear varnish.
Used products For this craft idea, you need the following products of Rayher:
Silicone casting mould Stones, big
item no. 36107000 Silicone casting mould Stones, big
14.5x26x3.5cm, 3 moulds, box 1pc
Casting powder  Raysin  200
item no. 3699000 Casting powder Raysin 200
Casting powder Raysin 200, bag 1 kg
(180 g)
Extreme Sheen, gold
item no. 35014616 Extreme Sheen, gold
metallic, bottle 59ml, gold
(1/40 bottle)
currently not available
All-purpose paint, black
item no. 38000576 All-purpose paint, black
bottle 59 ml, black
(1/50 bottle)
All-purpose paint, snowwhite
item no. 38000100 All-purpose paint, snowwhite
bottle 59 ml, snow-white
(1/50 bottle)
Extreme Sheen, silver
item no. 35014606 Extreme Sheen, silver
metallic, bottle 59ml, silver
(1/40 bottle)
Chalky Finish clear varnish soft-touch
item no. 38876000 Chalky Finish clear varnish soft-touch
box 118ml
(1/50 can)
Equipment For this idea, you need the following little helpers:
Dot Painting metallic pen
item no. 35033000 Dot Painting metallic pen
14cm, tip ø2mm,8mm+ø2mm, tab-bag 1pc
Brush set Hobby Kreativ, FSC 100%
item no. 37080000 Brush set Hobby Kreativ, FSC 100%
assorted, tab-bag 2pcs
Sandpaper set, 40+60 grit
item no. 8953000 Sandpaper set, 40+60 grit
115x280 mm, f.Shabby Chic, tab-bag 4pcs.
(1 piece)
Wooden craft sticks, natural
item no. 6121631 Wooden craft sticks, natural
150x20mm, tab-bag 36 pcs., natural
(1 piece)