Flower out of concrete

Craft Idea Flower out of concrete

Flower out of concrete




60 min
Instructions in 4 steps 4 steps - 4 products of Rayher. Concrete flowers, nicely decorated, herald the arrival of spring.
Besides the articles listed below, you also need: Cooking oil, Plastic container, Kitchen roll, Scale
And this is how it works:

Step 1

Grease the mould. Fill the plastic container with about 110 g of water and then gradually add approx. 1100 g of the creative-cement. Stir the mixture until an uniform and castable compound is obtained.

Step 2

Pour the mixture slowly into the prepared mould. Make sure you don’t pour up to the top of the mould! Tap slightly against the mould several times with your fingers, so that potential air bubbles can escape upwards. Let it dry out overnight. The next day, you can remove the flower from the mould by turning the casting mould over and by pressing slightly several times with the palm of your hand against the casting mould until the flower becomes entirely detached from the mould. If necessary, tap slightly the casting mould onto a soft surface.

Step 3

Allow the flower to harden well. At best for several days. For the designing, take some white Chalky Finish paint and paint the entire edge of the flower. Let it dry well out.

Step 4

Afterwards, put the stencil with the chosen text on the flower. Press the stencil well on and stencil the text by means of the white Chalky Finish paint and a brush, then remove the stencil and let it dry out.
Used products For this craft idea, you need the following products of Rayher:
item no. 34153000 Creative-cement
bucket 2,5kg
(1100 g)
Chalky Finish, white
item no. 38867102 Chalky Finish, white
Can 118ml, white
(1/20 bottle)
Screen-printing stencil Smile A4
item no. 45097000 Screen-printing stencil Smile A4
1 stencil + 1 squeegee scraper, tab-bag
(1 piece)
Equipment For this idea, you need the following little helpers:
Wooden craft sticks, natural
item no. 6121731 Wooden craft sticks, natural
110x11mm, tab-bag 72 pcs., natural
Sandpaper set, 40+60 grit
item no. 8953000 Sandpaper set, 40+60 grit
115x280 mm, f.Shabby Chic, tab-bag 4pcs.