Mother's Day Tin

Craft Idea Mother's Day Tin "We are family"

Mother's Day Tin "We are family"




90 min
Instructions in 4 steps All family members have their rightful place here. The raw wood doll cones should be painted with acrylic paint in order to become the perfect Mother's Day gift.
Besides the articles listed below, you also need: pencil if necessary
And this is how it works:

Step 1

Paint the lid of the chip box with the white All Purpose paint. Design the wood doll cones to look as much like your family members as possible.

Step 2

If you need a template for the lettering, you can create one on your computer and print it out. Then transfer it to the lid using transfer paper and paint the lettering by means of the paintbrush.

Step 3

Draw and paint the hearts free-hand along the edge of the box lid with a matching paintbrush from the set.

Step 4

To wrap the family you have drawn as a Mother's Day gift inside the chip box, use a tissue paper or wadding.
Used products For this craft idea, you need the following products of Rayher:
Wooden chip box oval, FSC Mix Credit
item no. 62389000 Wooden chip box oval, FSC Mix Credit
Wooden cones FSC 100%
item no. 6247100 Wooden cones FSC 100%
70mm, tab-bag 2pcs.
Wooden cones FSC 100%
item no. 6247000 Wooden cones FSC 100%
50mm, tab-bag 4pcs.
(2 pieces)
Wooden cones FSC 100%
item no. 6246900 Wooden cones FSC 100%
37mm, tab-bag 8pcs.
(1 piece)
All-purpose paint, snowwhite
item no. 38000100 All-purpose paint, snowwhite
bottle 59 ml, snow-white
(1/20 bottle)
All-purpose paint, classic red
item no. 38000287 All-purpose paint, classic red
bottle 59 ml, classic red
(1/40 bottle)
All-purpose paint, mocha
item no. 38000546 All-purpose paint, mocha
bottle 59 ml, mocha
(1/50 bottle)
All-purpose paint, black
item no. 38000576 All-purpose paint, black
bottle 59 ml, black
(1/40 bottle)
All-purpose paint, hot-pink
item no. 38000267 All-purpose paint, hot-pink
bottle 59 ml, hot-pink
(1/40 bottle)
All-purpose paint, golden yellow
item no. 38000162 All-purpose paint, golden yellow
bottle 59 ml, golden yellow
(1/50 bottle)
All-purpose paint, azure
item no. 38000374 All-purpose paint, azure
bottle 59 ml, azure
(1/40 bottle)
Equipment For this idea, you need the following little helpers:
Set of brushes Hobby Kreativ FSC 100%
item no. 37052000 Set of brushes Hobby Kreativ FSC 100%
4 synthetic brushes, tab-bag 4pcs
Transfer paper A4
item no. 67292000 Transfer paper A4
tab-bag 10pcs