Craft Idea PIN & PEG





60 min
Instructions in 15 steps Our Pin & Peg is not just handy for keeping things tidy. Painted and adorned with flowers and ornate glass bottles, it becomes a stylish eye-catcher in your home. And this is how it works:

Step 1

Spray the board with Chalky Finish spray. Let the board dry for about two hours. Repeat this step once again.

Step 2

While the board is drying, paint the shelf with the golden Extreme Sheen paint and a brush. Let it dry well out.

Step 3

Then, paint both bottles. Wipe the bottles with a cloth to remove dust and other debris.

Step 4

Place a bottle centrally on the turntable and paint the lower third of the bottle with the golden Extreme Sheen paint and a brush. Turn the turntable with fast, steady movements. It is important that the brush is always sufficiently soaked with paint.

Step 5

Then, paint the edge of the bottle opening with golden Extreme Sheen paint. Allow the bottle to dry well out and do the same with the other bottle.

Step 6

Once the bottle necks have dried out, turn the bottles upside down and apply the paint on the bottom of the bottles. Let them dry well out.

Step 7

Spray the spray adhesive on the rear side of the stencil Botanic and let it flash off briefly. Place the stencil according to the picture and stencil with the large brush from the set of stencilling brushes and the golden Extreme Sheen paint. Then remove the stencil immediately.

Step 8

Screw the wire wall basket onto the Pin & Peg board.

Step 9

Affix the double-sided adhesive tape at the back of the wooden lettering (in such a way that the adhesive tape is not visually perceptible between letters) and stick the lettering onto the board.

Step 10

Take now the bottles that have in meantime dried out and wrap the yarn around them 5 times at the the bottle neck and knot the yarn tightly. For each bottle, take one golden metal pendant Monstera leaf and attach it to one end of the yarn, respectively.

Step 11

Cut off twice the leatherette strap to the desired length by means of the scissors.

Step 12

Now, punch the cut leatherette straps at their ends with the punch pliers. Make sure that the holes are centered and not too close to the edge, so that they cannot be ripped off.

Step 13

Now, screw the leatherette straps into the corresponding holes on the board by means of the golden special mounting fasteners.

Step 14

Finally, hook the shelf onto the loops of the leatherette straps.

Step 15

Put for example, a plant into the metallic wall-mounted. On the picture, the wire wall basket is filled with a dry plug-in brick and iced boxwood branch.
Used products For this craft idea, you need the following products of Rayher:
MDF Board, veneered
item no. 62867505 MDF Board, veneered
40x60x2.5cm, incl.hook, natural
(1 piece)
MDF shelf, veneered
item no. 62869505 MDF shelf, veneered
30x10x0.9cm, natural
(1 piece)
Metal Utensilo
item no. 25188576 Metal Utensilo
8x8x10cm, black
(1 piece)
Leatherette tape flat, black
item no. 83035576 Leatherette tape flat, black
138x2cm, tab-bag 1pc, black
(1 bag)
Special fastening screw, gold
item no. 25185616 Special fastening screw, gold
1.1cm, tab-bag 8pcs, gold
(2 piece)
Extreme Sheen, gold
item no. 35014616 Extreme Sheen, gold
metallic, bottle 59ml, gold
(1 bottle)
currently not available
Chalky Finish spray, white
item no. 34371102 Chalky Finish spray, white
box 400ml, white
(1/2 can)
Glass bottle, 7cm ø
item no. 46342000 Glass bottle, 7cm ø
20.5cm, ø 1.8cm, 475ml
(1 piece)
Stencil Botanic
item no. 38978000 Stencil Botanic
20.32x20.32cm, tab-bag 2pcs
(1 piece)
currently not available
Yarn, 1mm ø, black
item no. 55517576 Yarn, 1mm ø, black
on a roll approx. 35m, tab-bag 10g, black
(1 piece)
Special doublesided adhesive tape
item no. 3339500 Special doublesided adhesive tape
tab-bag roll 10m, highly transparent
Equipment For this idea, you need the following little helpers:
Artificial brick, single packed
item no. 3360100 Artificial brick, single packed
23x11x8 cm, small quantity
(1 piece)
brush kit for stenciling big
item no. 37318000 brush kit for stenciling big
size ø10+16mm, tab-bag 2pc
Ticket punch, 6 mm ø
item no. 8929000 Ticket punch, 6 mm ø
12,5cm, tab-card 1 pce.
Craft scissors
item no. 8937800 Craft scissors
17 cm, tab-card 1 pc
Turntable, 27 cm ø
item no. 8925900 Turntable, 27 cm ø
for pottery, painting etc.
Glue spray, non-permanent
item no. 3401400 Glue spray, non-permanent
Box 200 ml