Craft Idea Soap "Love"

Soap "Love"




60 min
Instructions in 6 steps Express your love. Casting soap is child's play: melt the soap, dye it and pour it into the mould. Make sure you don't leave the label out!
Besides the articles listed below, you also need: stove, heat-resistant vessel for the water bath, cooking pot, spoon, cellophane wrap or cling film
And this is how it works:

Step 1

Melt the soap in a heat-resistant vessel intended for water bath on the stove (at max. 60°C - do not boil).

Caution: Never place the melting pot with soap directly on an open flame or a hot stovetop! Risk of fire! Do not expose the melted soap to a temperature above 60°C for a long time.


Step 2

After melting, add the soap colour and the soap-scented oil.

Step 3

To cast the motif, put the label inside the casting mould before pouring. Pay attention when inserting the motif that the writing remains visible.

Step 4

Then pour the liquid soap slowly over the label with a spoon to cover it entirely with a thin layer. Only then fill up slowly the rest of the mould with the remaining liquid soap.

Step 5

Then allow the soap to dry out in the casting mould for at least 2-3 hours. When the soap has hardened, you can demould it and take out the label by means of a thin needle. Clean the label and the soap casting mould with water for further use.

Important: wrap the soap in foil immediately after demoulding.


Step 6

Finally, let the finished soap to dry well out (for 3-4 days).
Used products For this craft idea, you need the following products of Rayher:
Soap casting mould: round
item no. 34231000 Soap casting mould: round
Depth 3cm, 4-part
item no. 34228000 Creative-soap
opaque, bar 200g
(55 g)
Soap colour, orange
item no. 34246210 Soap colour, orange
tab-box 10ml, orange
(3-4 drops)
Soap-scented oil Vanilla
item no. 34250000 Soap-scented oil Vanilla
tab-box 10ml
(1 drop)
Labels GB  All you need is Love , 45mm ø
item no. 34310000 Labels GB All you need is Love , 45mm ø
Labels GB All you need is Love, 45mm ø, tab-bag 1pc