Mother's Day Soap

Craft Idea Mother's Day Soap

Mother's Day Soap




90 min
Instructions in 6 steps Cast heart-shaped soaps are especially well-suited to Mother's Day as a perfect gift.
Besides the articles listed below, you also need: Stove, heat-resistant vessel for the water bath, saucepan, small plastic container, wooden spatula or spoon for mixing the paint, cellophane film or cling foil, spoon, stamp pad and tissue paper
And this is how it works:

Step 1

Melt the soap in a heat-resistant vessel intended for water bath on the stove (at max. 60°C - do not boil).

Caution: Never place the melting pot with soap directly on an open flame or a hot stovetop! Risk of fire! Do not expose the melted soap to a temperature above 60°C for a long time.


Step 2

After melting, add dropwise the soap colour and the soap-scented oil. Use a wooden spatula or spoon for stirring.

Step 3

Then slowly pour the liquid soap into the mould.

Step 4

Then allow the soap to dry out in the casting mould for at least 2-3 hours. When the soap has hardened, demould it carefully. Let the finished soap to dry well out (for 3-4 days).

Step 5

Lay the dry soap in the tissue paper-lined papier-mâché box and put the lid on.

Step 6

Then stamp the tag with the "Handmade" stamp and string it into the cord. Then wrap the cord twice around the box and tie a bow.

Tip: As the soap dries (for up to 2-3 weeks), it hardens and thus gets firmer. Depending on the temperature and air moisture, a slimy surface may appear on the soap - this is so-called soap “sweating”. We therefore recommend wrapping the soap in cellophane film or cling foil after demoulding.

Used products For this craft idea, you need the following products of Rayher:
item no. 34228000 Creative-soap
opaque, bar 200g
Soap casting mould: Hearts
item no. 34234000 Soap casting mould: Hearts
Depth 3cm, 4-part
Tags white - Scallop. FSC 100% 5,7cm ø
item no. 68044000 Tags white - Scallop. FSC 100% 5,7cm ø
tab-bag 26pc
Stamp  Handmade with love , 3cm ø
item no. 29022000 Stamp Handmade with love , 3cm ø
Stamp Handmade with love, 3cm ø
Papier mâché box Heart, FSC Recycled 100
item no. 67210000 Papier mâché box Heart, FSC Recycled 100
12.2x11.2x4.3cm, with viewing window
Soap colour, pink
item no. 34246264 Soap colour, pink
tab-box 10ml, pink
(1/20 bottle)