Twig pieces Star

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Twig pieces Star




60 min
Instructions in 3 steps Position the branch pieces so that they form a star to suit your personal taste and glue them together to get a wintry decoration for your home.
Besides the articles listed below, you also need: Hot melt glue gun (e.g. item no.33 363 00), Paintbrush (e.g. item no.37 053 000 - set of brushes Hobby Kreativ, FSC 100%)
And this is how it works:

Step 1

Use the styrofoam flat ring as a shaping tool. Start with the shaping of the loose twig pile and glue the twigs slightly criss-cross around the entire wreath to your liking, while creating a rough wreath shape. Pay attention that no glue drops leak on the styrofoam base, otherwise you will not be able to remove the finished wreath from the base.

Step 2

Now glue as many twig pieces criss-cross on top of one another until the wreath satisfies your expectations and the twigs have become evenly distributed. Finally, take off the styrofoam flat ring.

Tip: Colour a few twig ends with paint (e.g. Extreme Sheen paint) and let them dry out. To further enhance the wreath, create a narrow border around the painted edge by means of the Quickie glue and sprinkle some glitter on top, allow to dry and then remove excess glitter by gentle tapping.


Step 3

Decorate the wreath made by you with e.g. a candle inside a pretty bowl or use it as a door, wall hanging or room decorative wreath.
Used products For this craft idea, you need the following products of Rayher:
Twig pieces, natural, 0.2-1.2cm ø
item no. 65394505 Twig pieces, natural, 0.2-1.2cm ø
7.5cm, bundle approx. 200g, natural
Extreme Sheen, gold
item no. 35014616 Extreme Sheen, gold
metallic, bottle 59ml, gold
(1/80 bottle)
Quickie glue
item no. 3308600 Quickie glue
Glitter, extra fine, PET, brilliant gold
item no. 39420620 Glitter, extra fine, PET, brilliant gold
Bottle 20 ml, brilliant gold
(ca. 2 ml)