Cosmetic bag in a batik style

Craft Idea Cosmetic bag in a batik style

Cosmetic bag in a batik style




120 min
Instructions in 6 steps The white cosmetic bag is customised using the batik technique. To add that little something extra, colourful tassels and a macramé handle are optimal.
Besides the articles listed below, you also need: Parcel string or rubber bands, scissors, accessories for dyeing (see dyeing instructions), glue, dosing bottle
And this is how it works:

Step 1

To make batik circles, lay the pre-washed cosmetic bag on your work surface. Pull the middle of the front of the cosmetic bag upwards to form a pointed tip that you will tie twice with a parcel string or rubber band.

Step 2

Then dip the pointed tip into the batik dye prepared as specified in the instructions. Start with the lightest colour. The fabric must dry after each dyeing before moving on to the next.

Step 3

Colour highlights can be created onto the bound and dyed fabric tip using the dosing bottle.

Step 4

The parcel string or rubber band can be removed when the bag is dry. Then stamp your motif in the middle of the batik ring using the clear stamp.

Step 5

For the bag handle, you’ll need a 5 m long piece of macramé yarn. Lay it in the middle and start braiding the handle by applying the reef knot. Tie-off the end. Cut off protruding threads and affix them with a drop of glue.

Step 6

Finally, attach two tassels to the puller of the zipper. To do this, slightly bend open the ring by means of the tapered flat pliers. Hook up the puller and the tassels to the ring and close it.
Used products For this craft idea, you need the following products of Rayher:
Cosmetic bag with zipper, white
item no. 53982102 Cosmetic bag with zipper, white
22x17cm, 330g/m², tab-bag 1pc, white
Batik hand-dye paint, orange
item no. 35019210 Batik hand-dye paint, orange
tab-bag 10g, orange
Batik hand-dye paint, pink
item no. 35019264 Batik hand-dye paint, pink
tab-bag 10g, pink
Macramé yarn, 3mm ø, coral-red
item no. 44007212 Macramé yarn, 3mm ø, coral-red
approx.210g, spool 70m, coral-red
(5 m)
Cotton tassels, orange-red
item no. 22797214 Cotton tassels, orange-red
35mm incl.eyelet, assorted, tab-bag 6pcs, orange-red
(2 pieces)
Ring, 8mm ø, gold
item no. 2224606 Ring, 8mm ø, gold
1mm, tab-bag 20 pcs., gold
(2 pieces)
Equipment For this idea, you need the following little helpers:
Clear Stamps Mandala
item no. 50255000 Clear Stamps Mandala
97x205mm, 16 motifs, tab-bag 1sheet
Stamp pad  Versacraft
item no. 29264576 Stamp pad Versacraft
Stamp pad Versacraft, stamping area 2.5x2.5cm, black
Tapered flat pliers for jewellery
item no. 8934100 Tapered flat pliers for jewellery
12,5 cm, tab-card 1 piece