Easter bunny egg made from structural paste

Craft Idea Easter bunny egg made from structural paste

Easter bunny egg made from structural paste




60 min
Instructions in 6 steps The structural paste is used for the ridges on the styrofoam eggs. Thanks to ear-shaped wires and wool cords, the eggs are quickly turned into cute Easter bunnies.
Besides the articles listed below, you also need: Scissors
And this is how it works:

Step 1

Start by placing a styrofoam egg firmly on each wooden spit. Space the structural paste out evenly all over the styrofoam eggs by means of the wooden craft stick. To do this, you will need about 1/10 jar per egg. Roll out the paste in small dabs, making sure you get later a horizontally ridged surface.

Step 2

Now take a wooden spit to create a fine ridged structure by dragging it over the paste while rotating the egg. Then put each egg in a separate glass jar and let the structural paste dry for about half a day.

Step 3

You can meanwhile bend the wire into the shape of an ear. You’ll need 22 cm of florist’s wire per ear for the little bunny. And for the big one 25 cm per ear. Shape each piece of wire into an ear and twist together the wire ends. Then affix a 87 cm long wool cord to the twisted ends of each ear-shaped wire with a drop of hot-melt glue and start weaving. Now weave the wool cord tightly, without over-tightening it, alternately around the two wires until the entire ear is covered. Affix the ends with some glue. As soon as the smootheddown eggs have dried, the ears can be inserted into them. Add another drop of glue to fix them in place.

Schritt 4

Thread 12 wooden beads per bunny-egg onto about 25 cm long piece of florist’s wire. Twist together the wire ends and cut off any protruding wire.

Step 5

Divide the dried flower bouquet into two small ones, cut the cord in half and tie the two small bouquets together.

Step 6

To give the bunnies an extra kick, affix the small flower bouquets to the front of their ears by means of the hot-melt glue gun and place the finished bunnies on the bead rings.
Used products For this craft idea, you need the following products of Rayher:
Styrofoam eggs
item no. 3301100 Styrofoam eggs
item no. 3309600 Styrofoam-egg
full, height 12 cm
Structural paste
item no. 38238000 Structural paste
fine, box 500 g
(1/5 jar)
Florist's wire, 0,65mm ø, black
item no. 2403400 Florist's wire, 0,65mm ø, black
wooden reel, annealed, tab-bag 100g, annealed
(1,5 m)
Wool cord with jute core, 5mm ø, light grey
item no. 55962560 Wool cord with jute core, 5mm ø, light grey
tab-wooden card 3.5m, light grey
(3,5 m)
Raw-wood balls, drilled, 15mm ø
item no. 6250500 Raw-wood balls, drilled, 15mm ø
4mm drill, tab-bag 15 pcs
(24 pieces)
Dried flower bouquet, lilac
item no. 85491308 Dried flower bouquet, lilac
18-20cm, tab-bag 1pc, lilac
Equipment For this idea, you need the following little helpers:
Wooden spits
item no. 6202800 Wooden spits
ø 3 mm, length 30 cm, tab-bag 10 pcs.
Wooden craft sticks, natural
item no. 6121631 Wooden craft sticks, natural
150x20mm, tab-bag 36 pcs., natural
Wire cutter for jewellery
item no. 8954300 Wire cutter for jewellery
13 cm, 1 pc on blister card
Mini hot-melt glue gun low-temperature
item no. 3337600 Mini hot-melt glue gun low-temperature