Raysin house in terrazzo look

Craft Idea Raysin house in terrazzo look

Raysin house in terrazzo look




60 min
Instructions in 9 steps An antique terrazzo decoration made easy by you. All you need is the Raysin casting powder, two different colour pigments and the house-shaped casting mould.
Besides the articles listed below, you also need: Plastic container 2 pieces, kitchen scales/ tablespoon, cling foil
And this is how it works:

Step 1

First of all, the chipped flakes need be made. Take 1 tablespoon from the 450 g of Raysin and 2 g of colour pigment (pine green) and mix the two components together in a container (e.g. plastic mug). While stirring the mixture, add the water gradually until a thin, homogeneous paste is obtained.

Step 2

Lay the cling film on, smooth it out on a solid surface and spread out the dyed Raysin paste thinly and flatly using the craft wooden stick. Let it dry out for at least one hour.

Step 3

Chip the thin Raysin sheet into differently sized flakes with your fingers. Do the same with the Raysin sheet of anthracite colour.

Step 4

Strew the coloured flakes onto the bottom of the casting mould to your liking.

Step 5

Stir the remaining Raysin in a container according to the instructions on the packaging.

Step 6

Spread the first layer of Raysin directly on the flakes using a tablespoon to avoid the flakes being swept away. Then fill the mould with the remaining Raysin.

Tip: Do not pour the Raysin mixture to the very rim of the casting mould – otherwise you may have trouble demoulding it.


Step 7

Once the Raysin mixture has hardened and solidified (after about 45 min), you can demould it. In order to demould the house easily, tap the mould with the heel of your hand or on a soft surface (e.g. towel).

Step 8

Immediately after demoulding, sand the still wet Raysin surface with the 120-grit (coarse) wet sandpaper until the flakes are clearly discernible on the surface. Rinse the item thoroughly under running water or inside a bowl.

Step 9

Thereafter, sand the surface again, but this time with the 220-grit (fine) wet sandpaper.
Used products For this craft idea, you need the following products of Rayher:
Casting mould: Houses
item no. 36059000 Casting mould: Houses
2 houses 13,5-16,5cm, depth 3cm
Casting powder  Raysin  200
item no. 3699000 Casting powder Raysin 200
Casting powder Raysin 200, bag 1 kg
(500 g)
currently not available
Colour pigment, pine-green
item no. 35016430 Colour pigment, pine-green
PET bottle, tab-box 20ml, pine-green
(2 g)
Colour pigment, anthracite
item no. 35016572 Colour pigment, anthracite
PET bottle, tab-box 20ml, anthracite
(2 g)
Sandpaper set, assorted
item no. 8947600 Sandpaper set, assorted
115x280mm, f. casting resin, tab-bag 5pc
(1/3 sheet)
Equipment For this idea, you need the following little helpers:
Wooden craft sticks, natural
item no. 6121631 Wooden craft sticks, natural
150x20mm, tab-bag 36 pcs., natural
(3 pieces)