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Deco application milk

25 ml / bottle, tab-bag 1bottle
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The low viscosity leaf adhesive size is the bases for decorating with deco-metal and acts also as glue to fix the metallic leaflets.

The leaf adhesive size is an absolute must for handicrafts with deco-metal. The low viscosity, milky fluid with a slightly adhesive consistency can be applied on a surface of your choice. Once applied, let the coated surface to dry for a while. Only after drying out, the leaf adhesive size becomes sticky and perfect for the further work. Now you can lay the thin deco-metal flakes on and press them carefully by a finger or a soft brush. The excess of flakes can be carefully removed with a soft brush. For a safe protection of the deco-metal, coat it at the end with a protective varnish. Wait and see how quickly, easily and effectively simple objects can be transformed into masterpieces!

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