Gold lamella pendant lamp

Craft Idea Gold lamella pendant lamp

Gold lamella pendant lamp




90 min
Instructions in 3 steps Sheer, elegant, modern - the golden lamella lamp illuminates your living area.
Besides the articles listed below, you also need: Tinfoil, Kitchen roll, Light source
And this is how it works:

Step 1

First, paint only on one side, with a brush, the individual lamellas and the wooden rings of the lamella lamp with the gold Extreme Sheen paint. Let them dry well out. Then, paint also the other side and let them again dry well out.

Step 2

Use the white All Purpose paint for the narrow edges of the lamellas. Apply a little paint to the brush, so that no excess paint can run off the edge.

Step 3

After drying, put the lamella lamp together. First, attach the lamp socket to the upper wooden ring and then put the painted lamellas together according to the package instructions. If necessary, glue them by means of the adhesive pen and finally screw in a suitable light source.
Used products For this craft idea, you need the following products of Rayher:
Wood lamella lamp, FSC Mix Credit
item no. 62898505 Wood lamella lamp, FSC Mix Credit
24x24x35cm, Stockholm, 22-part, box 1set, natural
(1 piece)
Lamp socket Pendant Luminaire,f.E27sock., black
item no. 23100576 Lamp socket Pendant Luminaire,f.E27sock., black
100cm, w. ring nut, tab-bag 1pc, black
(1 piece)
Glue Fix Pen
item no. 33487000 Glue Fix Pen
bottle 30g
(1/3 bottle)
Extreme Sheen, gold
item no. 35014616 Extreme Sheen, gold
metallic, bottle 59ml, gold
(1 bottle)
All-purpose paint, white
item no. 38000102 All-purpose paint, white
bottle 59 ml, white
(1/3 bottle)
Equipment For this idea, you need the following little helpers:
Paintbrush set  Chalky Basic
item no. 37319000 Paintbrush set Chalky Basic
Brush set Chalky Basic, Size 6,12,20, tab-bag 3 pcs.
(1 piece)