Bowl out of concrete  with flowers out of deco-metal

Craft Idea Bowl out of concrete with flowers out of deco-metal

Bowl out of concrete with flowers out of deco-metal




90 min
Instructions in 10 steps The floral pattern is achieved by placing punched out flowers on the concrete mould and by decorating them with golden decorative metallic flakes after they have dried out.
Besides the articles listed below, you also need: Cooking oil, paper towel, pebbles, box or the like as a stand assistant, thick paper
And this is how it works:

Step 1

As preparation, punch the desired number of flowers for the floral pattern made of paper by the means of the motif-puncher.

Step 2

Glue the punched paper-flowers on the inner side of the large plastic half-ball by means of the adhesive tape. If you wish to have a fancy floral pattern even inside of the bowl out of concrete, then put the paper-flowers also on the outer side of the small plastic half-ball.

Step 3

Now, place the large plastic half-ball onto a stable substrate (e.g. a cup, cachepot or the like), so that it doesn’t wiggle and coat its inside with cooking oil (coat the paper-flowers as well).

Step 4

Coat the outer surface of the small plastic half-ball also with the cooking oil.

Step 5

Pour about 90 ml of water in a plastic bucket and then gradually add approx. 900 g of the creative-cement powder. Stir this mixture with a craft wooden stick until an uniform and castable compound is obtained.

Step 6

Fill the prepared large plastic half-ball with the casting compound up to the desired height (at best, leave approx.1cm free from the upper edge). Allow the mass to rest for about 1-2 minutes. Then, tap repeatedly and slightly against the mould, so that potential air bubbles in the ce-ment-mixture can escape upwards. At the end, push immediately the small oiled plastic half-ball in the middle and weigh it down with the pebbles or small stones.

Step 7

Allow to harden. The curing time varies depending on the size and the temperature (at best overnight). The object is loadable after about 1-2 days.

Step 8

Now, you can remove the cured object from the mould. Firstly, remove carefully the small plastic half-ball. Finally, demould the bowl out of cement by turning the half-ball around and bending slightly the upper edge outwards, so that the air penetrates between the casting object and mould. Tap the plastic half-ball gently on your working surface, so that the bowl out of cement becomes detached.

Step 9

Small burrs and irregularities can be quickly & easily grinded with sand-paper. Scrape off carefully the paper-flowers in the cement or remove them by means of lukewarm water and a brush.

Step 10

For a special metal-effect, you can decorate further the floral pattern with deco-metal. To do this, coat the desired area with the leaf adhesive, let it dry out for a while, put the metal flakes onto the coating, and then carefully press or spread them for e.g with a soft brush. For a nice sheen, you can polish the metal-layer with a soft cloth.
Used products For this craft idea, you need the following products of Rayher:
Creative cement
item no. 34152000 Creative cement
bucket 1kg
Plastic ball, 2-part, 10 cm ø
item no. 3906437 Plastic ball, 2-part, 10 cm ø
Plastic ball, 2-part, 14 cm ø
item no. 3909737 Plastic ball, 2-part, 14 cm ø
Deco-metal milk, fluid
item no. 2173000 Deco-metal milk, fluid
bottle 25ml
Deco-metal flakes, gold
item no. 2171506 Deco-metal flakes, gold
tab-box 1g, gold
Special double-sided adhesive tape
item no. 3339000 Special double-sided adhesive tape
tab-bag, roll 3,5 m
Equipment For this idea, you need the following little helpers:
Sandpaper set, 40+60 grit
item no. 8953000 Sandpaper set, 40+60 grit
115x280 mm, f.Shabby Chic, tab-bag 4pcs.
Wooden craft sticks, natural
item no. 6121731 Wooden craft sticks, natural
110x11mm, tab-bag 72 pcs., natural