Large raysin candle bowl

Craft Idea Large raysin candle bowl

Large raysin candle bowl




90 min
Instructions in 6 steps Twin-pack casting: first of all, cast the candle bowls out of Raysin. Once dried, fill them with melted wax pellets: your modern candle decoration is now ready.
Besides the articles listed below, you also need: Mixing cup, fine gravel, cooking pot and hob, plastic mug, flat synthetic paintbrush
And this is how it works:

Step 1

Cast the small bowl by means of the plastic balls and the casting powder Raysin. Follow the casting instructions on the Raysin packaging.

Step 2

After demoulding, let the bowl out of Raysin to dry well out (for several days). Then coat its inner side with the antique pink Chalky paint. It is recommended to let the paint dry for 1 day.

Step 3

Melt the wax according to the instructions on the wax pellet packaging (in a water bath at 60 degrees).

Step 4

Place the tealight candle wick in the middle of the bowl and slowly pour in the wax. We recommend pouring the wax up to 1 cm below the rim of the Raysin bowl.

Step 5

Fix the wick by inserting 2 wooden skewers so that it remains in the middle when cooled down.

Step 6

Let the wax cool down and cut the wick to about 1 cm.
Used products For this craft idea, you need the following products of Rayher:
Casting powder  Raysin  200
item no. 3699000 Casting powder Raysin 200
Casting powder Raysin 200, bag 1 kg
(150 g)
currently not available
Plastic ball, 2 parts, 10 cm ø
item no. 3906437 Plastic ball, 2-part, 10 cm ø
Plastic ball, two parts, 14 cm ø
item no. 3909737 Plastic ball, 2-part, 14 cm ø
Chalky, antique pink
item no. 35047268 Chalky, antique pink
box 100ml, antique pink
(1/20 can)
Wax pellets
item no. 3104202 Wax pellets
box 800g, white
(ca. 100 g)
Wick for tealight candle 50 mm - waxed
item no. 3101700 Wick for tealight candle 50 mm - waxed
tab-bag 10 pcs.
(1 piece)
Equipment For this idea, you need the following little helpers:
Wooden craft stick, natural
item no. 6121631 Wooden craft stick, natural
150x20mm, tab-bag 36 pcs., natural
(2 pieces)
Pot for wax melting 1l
item no. 8938900 Pot for wax melting 1l
with tongs
Wooden skewer, 3mm ø
item no. 6109800 Wooden skewer, 3mm ø
20 cm long, tab-bag 10 pcs
(4 pieces)